Third Annual Wagner Dinner


At Table

A few friends chatting about Karl and his work.


At Table 2

A few of us gathered at the table.


Barbara Mott Reflects

Gone but not forgotten. Barbara reflects on Karl.


Barbara remembers

Barbara shares memories of Karl.


Curt & Barbara

Cirt amd Barbara.


Kevin on the Phone

Karl’s nephew Kevin Elam speaks to the group by speaker phone from location in London.


Preston & Aleksandra

Preston meets Aleksandra, who joins us in spirit from St. Petersburg.


Wagner Shirts

Wagner T-Shirts on Display


Push to exit.

John attempts to make a point.


Richard Moore

Richard Moore, who happens to have had a story in Karl’s first collection of Year’s Best Horror Stories
published by Daw Books.


John Mayer reads.

John Mayer reads.


Wagner Fans

A few Wagmer fams/


John, Richard and Curt

John, Richard and Curt