Since the days of the pulps great illustration has been an important part of fantasy and horror. Wagner's work was graced with the work of some of the best artists in the field - sometimes.

But if his editors were not always judicious in selecting his illustrators, when Karl edited the books from Carcosa press, he made a point of locating some of the greatest artists of fantasy's golden age, particularly George Evans and Lee Brown Coye.

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Portraits of Karl Edward Wagner

If only the paintings had grown weary and dissipated instead of the man...

KEW (jones)     Portrait by Stephen Jones

Pen and Ink Portrait by John Mayer    Wagner (mayer)

Karl by Carson    Pen and Ink Portrait by Dave Carson


Biker Karl by Carson     Biker Karl   

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The Image of Kane

Paintings and drawings of or inspired by Kane by Various Artists

Raging Slab

“The Dark Side of the Moon” - This painting caused some controversy after appearing on the KEW discussion group image site. Apparently someone complained, which caused Yahoo to classify the group as “Age-Restricted” (or according to one html-garbled note, ”Sage-Restricted”) Whether this was due to concerns about vulgarity or about the dissing of Wagner’s only series character, Kane, there’s no way to know. My hunch is that this albucm cover was inspired by Molly Hatchet’s use of the referencedy art rather than its original appearance on the cover of Dark Crusade. That painting was Karl’s least favorite, as he thought Frazetta had depicted Kane as scrawny. It seems the artist who painted this parody thought so, too.

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Painters of Darkness

In addition to the work of artists actually associated with Wagner and his work, we have added links to artists we think he would have approved of. In particular, our Painters of Darkness link features artists whose works are masterpieces of cynicism, irony and dark humor. This page is dedicated to all art lovers whose idea of true horror is the treacle of Thomas Kinkade.

Dave Carson Chthulhu Mythos Art and Other Eldritch Subjects

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