Karl Edward Wagner: The Man

Karl Wagner was as fascinating as any of his characters: a cynic who liked to present himself as having a heart of stone who, nonetheless, lost a year from medical school for refusing to inflict unnecessary pain, and who used that year to publish his first book, a materialist who abandoned the lucrative field of psychiatry when he became convinced that psychology was a non-science and that psychiatry did as much harm as good.

Here we hope to collect reminiscences from as many of Karl's friends and acquaintances as possible. Anyone who knew him is sure to have at least one remarkable tale to tell about him.

A Brief History of KEW; reminscences of his high school friend John Mayer. The chronology may be a bit off, clouded by time and the '60's. On the Pop Culture site


Fantasy Newsletter Interview   A lengthy and revealing interview with Karl at the height of his powers.

Myrtle Beach Sunrise Interview   Karl discusses breaking into print with a reporter from the seemingly now defunct Myrtle Beach Sunrise.

The Last Interview   Kevin Elam has found a copy of Horror #5, a magazine which is not only out of print but this particular issue of which does not seem to be available from any vendor. Herein is Karl’s last published interview along with tributes to himself and Robert Bloch.

Szumskyj/Mayer Interview   Ben Szumsky, editor of the New Gothic Press collection of Essays on Karl Wagner Black Prometheus, asks some pithy questions of yours truly about my memories of Karl. Interview link.

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