Here in this dark chamber we seek to communicate with those on the other side. We call upon those in the realm of the living to draw nigh. I sense a presence... no, several presences. I see the figure 63, a crimson character on a field of ebon, and the snarling visage of a fierce lynx...

Some of Karl's friends and acquaintances from throughout his too short life have offered their memories of him. It is hoped these reminiscences will help to flesh out Karl the man for those who know him only as Karl Edward Wagner the author. He was a person who bore great strengths and virtues, a fantastic intellect and imagination, and the seeds of his own destruction. We hope to assemble here the recollections of childhood friends, drinking buddies, colleagues, editors, and lovers, and flashbacks from those who remember the creator of Acid Gothic. These contemplations are offered in their own words by those who knew him , and belong to those whose words they are. Some will have kindly made their memories freely available, as indicated, to any who might be doing a biography or research; it is hoped you will contact them none-the-less before quoting them. Others might require that specific permission in writing be given before quoting them. Attribution is, of course, appropriate in any case unless the contributor requests otherwise.You can reach most of those quoted here through the webmaster of this page.

Listen, now, listen to tales of long ago, to tales of the life of